A new venture in Christian community

Lately I have been meditating on the condition of the American church. I have been abroad to mission sites, in places where the “church” was more a symbol graffiti-ed on a wall than a building. The body of Christ more like an amoebic blob of intracellular mechanisms engaged in metabolic processes within the social mass of protoplasm. Has building become too paralysing a part of the body? Could the American church still be church without it?

What incredible things would be released if we did that? I can think of resources set free for ministry, hurting people not just salved by pretty words and a pat on the back or handshake, but set free from their bondage. It all sounds like ideological fluff if it ends there though. That’s all for now, while this unspools in my brain lol.


About lehautegryphon

Chef, pastor, jeweler, drawer/painter, peace activist, adventurer

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