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I call this one, “Desaperacidos” though the image is not from a Spanish speaking land. It is part of the Kurdish experience in the aftermath of the Anfal campaign near Kirkuk 1988. Many disappeared. It was reporting on this gassing that motivated some friends and I to follow and document incidents of ethnic cleansing, genocide and democide. I have depicted some of these mostly in drawing, a few in painting.

It is a matter of historical record that more people have died at the has of their own governments in the last 100 years than in all the wars of history. Governments try to hide the record, try to “disappear” minority populations, dissenters and sometimes to just clear the land. In the picture we have the dry bones, decarnated in a shallow grave, exhumed remains lay on the jacket that out-lasted all but the bones, out on white linen to be cataloged and then to be re-interred.

This drawing is not the best subject, not the best piece of art or anything but it is a depiction of a reality I wish would end. Too many are erased every year. it is bleak and kind of bland I suppose, as I study it now, and a little unbalanced. But life is that way. I have seen a lot of valleys of dry bones and this is part of unloading that experience. Draw your own conclusions of the image and what is good or bad. I am not the best at figuring that out. Al I know is that I believe the promise of God in Ezekiel 37 that these bones can live again, that governments fade and die, but the human will and human experience will live on.