What is the project I am mentioning for Indigogo campaign?

Eighteen months ago our company was a start-up, only 6 months old when members of The Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus asked us to develop a jewelry line. The concept is to create a stunning line that will help The Order raise funds for their philanthropic endeavors. With this vision in mind, a jewelry line was born.

These are the CAD representations. We have the first ring finished awaiting setting of stones. The other pieces are still waiting to be finished, taken from drawing to solid jewelry. And this is where I am asking for some help to speed the process up. With this jewelry line going, we can help some hurting families and friends all over the world in a small way. That has been my goal from the beginning, compassionate help for the poor and hurting. So I hope you will take a look at our project more in depth, and consider contributing to it.

There are different perks for different levels of support, including a chance to receive one set of the earrings or cufflinks pictured in this folder. A random contributor will be receive a $200 shop credit as well.

You can help us in a few ways:

Pray for our project

Buy from our selection of products

Share the link when you see it in order to get the word out


Make a contribution through Indiegogo by following that link.

Thanks so much for your time and support!


About lehautegryphon

Chef, pastor, jeweler, drawer/painter, peace activist, adventurer

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